Jon Philp
Project Manager / Business Analyst
Sugar Land, Texas
Logistics Analyst
​December 2014 - Present
While working at Nalco Champion, I have been involved in project governance, project management, change management, process improvement, vendor selection, testing, training and analysis of supply chain operations technology upgrades and improvement.
  • Managed SmartDrive project from pilot through closing – completed a $1.7MM project on time and 10% under budget by negotiating improved contract rates based on changing business needs and technologies
  • Analyze, tracke and create solutions to improve operational efficiency and reduce overtime hours of ~1000 employees which led to a realized savings of $2.3MM for FY 2015
  • Extract HOS DOT violation data and create processes that led to a 85% reduction in violations over 2 years
  • Collaborate across divisions and departmetns to create Excel templates used to track payroll hours, vehicle maintenance records, support calls and other process improvement inititives
  • Design and deliver presentations to executives about suggestions for improvements and savings based on detailed analysis of lagging data and predictions of future needs
  • Forecast project cost and potential ROI based on mileage reduction, hours management, DIFOT, customer retention, customer undeliverable reduction and a reduction in safety incidents including TVAR and SVAR
  • Research international laws and requirements to ensure full compliance with multiple technology solutions
  • Oversee on-site project deployment meetings and trainings for planners, schedulers, managers, operations specialists, order to cash team, sales and SH&E to implement new software and hardware solutions
Field Service Manager
​April 2007 - January 2015
At DISH, I was responsible for directing, coaching, motivating, leading and developing technicians to achieve a high performing team that safely and consistently delivered a best in class customer experience.
  • Trained team of 15 technicians and ensured compliance with safety and installation protocol during customer engagements
  • Standardized vehicle layouts which led to more efficient installations
  • Produced the top selling team of “Smart Home” products and services in Houston
  • Maintain accurate historical documentation of performance and effectively prioritized responsibilities
  • Consistently enforced customer satisfaction and required a customer satisfaction score above 9.7/10 but never below 9.4/10
  • Achieved Level 4 (highest level technician) in less than 2 years by consistent best-in-class performance
  • Acquired all optional certifications: Internet Technician, Smart Home, Trainer, and Group Lead